Photo restoration is something that I love to do. Before the age of digital photography, photographs needed to be developed (often by hand) and you usually only had one copy of the final image. These photos were a lot more precious than today, they were a physical item that you could touch and smell, you didn’t have thousands of them in your pocket on your smart phone.

With time and just like you and I, photos develop wrinkles, and little cracks appear from being stored in purses or wallets. Like memories, photographs begin to fade with old age. This can be due to a number of factors, the sun being one of them.

When photo requires restoration, I often will try to convert a black and white photo to colour because I love the challenge. To me it is incredible to see just how normal the people look because they aren’t in black and white. It’s almost as if you could see them in the street . To me it removes the age gap and makes them appear not to be from another time.

Restoring photographs brings back peoples memories of loved ones, and this is the main reason that I do it.

How do I restore a photo?

First I scan the photo at 1200DPI

Old image scanned Syrup Design

After that I open Photoshop and adjust the colour (if there is any)
Adjust contrast and curves
After that I remove and scratches and marks digitally

Black and white restoration

Start to paint the image using my Wacom tablet

colour version restored image Syrup Design Isle of Man

make sure the image is looking good, and do final touches
Send the image to the printers to get professionally printed

I will soon post some of the images that I have restored on my portfolio page, so stay tuned!

Really love the work from Jordan Lloyd at Dynamic Chrome, and hope that one day I will be as good as him! You can have a look at a video that contains some of his work here .