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graphic designer Daniel White on the Isle of Man. Syrup Design

Meet the Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Daniel White, a graphic designer on the Isle of Man. Thank you for visiting Syrup Design and checking out all the branding and logo work that I do. In September 2014 I set up Syrup Design in order to meet the ever expanding needs of various industries dependent upon design work for marketing and branding.

At the core of my work I am passionate about creativity and innovation and generating content which reflects this. What sets me apart from other freelance designers is my commitment to specifically catering my branding services to meet the needs of your organisation. I want to get to know you, your values and your goals. I thoroughly research your industry and your competitors and devote time to identifying your unique selling points in order to make your marketing effective. I guarantee that you won’t regret working with me, so pop over to our ‘what I do‘ page to see how I can help.

What do we value?

Here at Syrup Design, my values are at the very core of all the work I do. I specialise in all things branding and pride myself on creating innovate cutting edge logos that make you stand out from the competition! As a graphic designer, I love learning about your vision and working with you to bring it to life. I understand the importance of first impressions and I want to give you the best shot at connecting with and engaging your clients. Whether you are marketing yourself or a company, branding a product or promoting an event, I am here to help you every step of the way.

Landing Page design by Syrup Design Isle of Man

graphic design by Daniel White at Syrup Design Isle of Man

Cup Cake Logo by Daniel White Syrup Design Isle of Man

Laxey Wheel Syrup Design Isle of Man Daniel White

Conister Bank Isle of Man Daniel White Syrup Design

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I have five core values that underpin all the work I do

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S – stand out

From my logos and website designs to my posters and packaging, everything I create is magical. My graphic design work is driven by a desire to produce eye-catching and innovative content. I produce original and inspiring designs that set you apart from your competitors. I am here to help you connect with your client in the most creative and effective way possible.

Y – your vision

Here at Syrup Design I am passionate about bringing your vision to life. Your ideas and input will be central to every step of the design process. I will work with you in order to ensure the work is in line with your goals and values.

R – reliable

I pride myself on offering a reliable and trustworthy service. I always work with you to come to an agreed price that works for us both. I inform you of time schedules upfront and there are definitely no hidden costs. You can count on me for competitive prices and high quality work.

U – user friendly

At the basis of all my graphic designs is an appreciation for the importance of user-friendly output. Not only am I committed to creating websites that are easy to navigate, but I also design print products that have the perfect blend of innovation and simplicity. I will always have your clients’ needs at the centre of my work and base my decisions and creativity around this.

P – personal

I work with you one on one in order to offer you a personal as well as a professional experience that you’ll love. Marketing yourself is not an easy task and I am passionate about doing everything I can to make the process as smooth as possible for you. As your graphic designer I will always be happy to talk through your ideas with you and see if I can be of assistance, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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